North Carolina

North Carolina has five regions and one hundred counties. There are also at least 2329 large chain store parking lots in North Carolina. This website hope to promote solar parking lots as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

The stores are in lists per store. I am getting them into csv format in order to pinpoint them on the maps. Then I will begin the calcuations per parking lot to determine the electricity output available once covered with solar panels. (They will be done by orientation of the parking lot.)

When I first started this project, I started with Walmart and downloaded images from Google Maps. I was going to sell calendars complete with calculations for those who purchased them to do the math. I had hoped to be a hit among teens into trig. However, the copyright issues are such that I don't think I can do that. I emailed Google, but never got a response.

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There's even a Solar Parking Lots YouTube channel as I prepare for a crowdfunding deal as I *hopefully* pull this all together into a documentary early next year.